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Викторина "Nature and I"

Викторина "Nature and I"
Информационная записка к викторине Nature and I
Викторина Nature and I (в doc-формате)


1. «Malaya Sosva» - is : а) a (nature) reserve; b) a wildlife sanctuary; c) a national park?

2. This bird nests in our region and in England. It is impossible to meet it in our region in winter but in England it is a symbol of Christmas. What is it : а) a bullfinch; b) a robin ; c) a goldcrest?

3. In England marsh helleborine (lat. Epipactis palustris (L.) Crantz) – is an usual plant but in Khanty-Mansi region it refers to rare species. Where can it be found ?: а) in the National park “Siberian ridges”; b) in the wildlife sanctuary “Verkhne-Kondinsky” ; c) in the reserve “Ugansky” ?

4.The Exmoor is a National park of England. Something is reflected in its name that joins our region. What is it?

5. In England it is called a Ladybird . What is it?: а) a beetle; b) a bird; c) a butterfly?

6. According to the legend, if these birds disappear from the London fortress The Tower, the fortress will disappear and then the British Monarchy will fall down. What is this bird: а) a nightingale; b) a swan; c) a raven?

7. In what National parks of Scotland does a single herd of northern deer live: а) the Cairngorms; b) the Trossachs; c) the lake Loch Ness?

8. These "dragons" are the most ancient rapacious beings. They have big eyes and can fly at the speed of 90 km per hour. They are extended everywhere and prefer to live near reservoirs. What are they?

9. What was the name of the ship on which Charles Darwin made his journey round the world: а) spaniel; b) beagle; c) corgi?

10. What berry did the “Beatles” devote their song: а) strawberry; b) cowberry; c) cranberry?

Your answers (in English) please send to the e-mail of Ugansky reserve : ugansky_ekopros@mail.ru with note "Nature and I".

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